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The studio of Michiel Terpelle and Jizz Taco occupy a political position at the intersection of art and design, Queerness and heteronormativity that resists and challenges the normative approach. Transforming in order to research the limits of contemporary graphic design through exaggerations. She originated as an agent for writing pangrams, but steadily developed as a space to test thresholds in both identity and visual politics. By setting up collaborations through which other Queer artists gain a platform she encourages understanding Queerness as not only an idenity and political position, but also a methodological aproach to production. This concept-character aims to facilitate an open studio. Here graphic designers, artists, drag queens, voguers, researchers and other figures from the Queer community work to reshape their understanding of their own agency and identity in their work. The studio is set up to deconstruct the dominant western construct in design education, which has always been binary and heteronormative with its approach.